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Developing my own game engine vs. using a commercial game engine

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Very interesting topic..

It seems most of us who have attempted (or succeeded) in making an engine did it for the same reason - to challenge ourselves and to have ultimate understanding and control of the things we were making. Its hard to know where exactly to draw the line - like using a physics library seems okay but a GUI editor (that wasnt made by us) is just too easy. Like many others who have taken this path - the only resulting tangible product for myself has been knowledge - this is fine if knowledge is your goal but my goal was a game

What sort of snapped me back to reality was having a child.. I realized how little time there actually is and the only way to reach my goal was to let go - let black boxes be black boxes and focus on what I want in the long term..

I took my gameplay code and moved it over to use urho3d (was the easiest fit I could find) and literally gained years of time... i may actually end up with a game

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Making an engine is a full-time job.

My own engine http://esenthel.com/ Esenthel, is 20 years of full-time work. Now it's very advanced, but it required so much time, I couldn't make any big games, as all focus was on the making of an engine.

The plus side, is now when I want to make a game, I have everything I need, and I know how everything works.

If there's a problem, I know where to look.

The struggle is getting any decent income, as the engine market is very competitive.

IMO, if you want to make a simple looking game, you can go with making your own engine. But if you want to make a cool looking game, then you have to stick to existing solutions (engines), as doing your own to be competitive enough, will take all your time and money.

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