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Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1

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Add the soundtrack of Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1 to your main character’s adventures for those emotional as well as epic moments in their quest for glory!

This RPG/fantasy music pack contains 4 main themes with each theme split into several parts with varying dynamics and intensity to easily make up your own combinations in use with middleware like FMOD, Wwise and Elias. 

You will find that the each part has a version where the single clip can be seamlessly looped and then a version with a reverb tail ringing out which can be of good use with middleware as mentioned above. All tracks are paired with a few stingers/hits as well a short end clip for a grand finale. A total of 49 audio files (loops excluded!) to vary the music within a scene!


3 main tracks with sub-parts to match intensity in scene
- 1 additional track also suitable for menu/credits/cutscene music
- Looped files as well as original wavs with natural reverb decay
- Stingers/hits for each track
353 MB, 79 wav files in 16bit/44Khz quality

Buy Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1

"This asset is one of my WELL SPENT MONEY recomendation.
This asset is very well made. If you need a fantasy music for your game  you should consider to buy this one."

Read the full Runemark Studio review of Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1


Listen to previews of Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1:


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