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Advice Daily Challenges for a Spider Solitaire card game?

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I'm creating a spider solitaire game in my free time and will be adding daily challenges. There will be a challenge each day until the end of the month. After which, the challenges will reset for the next month. 

I do have some in mind but for a card game, creating unique challenges for each day is kind of tough.

I played Microsoft's Spider Solitaire's daily challenges and found them to be the same/boring after a while. 

I would love to hear your ideas (unique) if any. Something different from the daily challenges created by Microsoft Spider Solitaire. 

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Here are a few examples of daily challenges in other spider solitaire games -

Day 1 - Solve the Deck

Day 2 - Earn a Score of 400

Day 3 - Complete the game within X Time

Day 4 - Solve the deck without using Hints/Undo

Day 5 - etc, etc.,

These games have about 5 challenges and it just keeps repeating after day 5. The problem I'm facing is, these challenges is the same for most spider solitaire games. I would like to add something different. Something unique... I have to create about 30 daily challenges.

I tried cracking my brains to come up with something different. Just hoping someone out there can come up with a new daily challenge idea for a simple game like spider solitaire. 

Also note, the spider solitaire game I'm creating is the classic version. There's no power-ups or any other fancy features, which makes it even more challenging to come up with a unique/different idea.

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57 minutes ago, Tom Sloper said:

I see. Then the Writing forum is the wrong place for this. Moving to Game Design.

OH! My Bad... 

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