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Hi guys i'm new here, i really hope my question won't sound utterly stupid..

I'd like to know whether it's better to use a PRNG or a regular RNG, if you are trying to program your own video slot machine. Actually i don't even have clearly understood the difference between the two =D

2nd question is: which developer i should rely on? I'm following this guide, they talk about RNG but not which one or where to find it.

Thank you in advance :)

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1 hour ago, lilbump said:

program your own video slot machine

Are we talking something which could be used on a gambling site, involving real money?

Or just a normal "game" slot machine, no actual money goes in/out of the system?


This is a very important question to answer before proceeding.

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thanks for answering. I'm not using real money: as a developer, I recently run into this and it was just a thing that I wanted to try for personal fun on the evening, nothing more than that :)

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