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Simon Crawford

C++ Seeking Mentor for Beginning my first TEXT-BASED RPG in windows console / C++

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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read my post.


I am not here asking for someone to do my work for me. I am just looking for a mentor who would not mind answering a few of my questions, and give me a little guidance.


I prefer chatting on discord, so if you are interested in helping me get started, please add me. My username is wize1 @8135

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Hello, I'm a software engineer working at a small game development company.

This is the first time I'm using this site, and i just stumbled upon your post a moment ago.

Although I'm not a C++ export, I'm pretty familiar with C and C#/Java.

Would you please give me some more details about your plan?

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I am making a text-based RPG game in the windows console. I am doing it to improve my programming skills and also bring to life some of my ideas about making a fun RPG game.

I will try to give as much detail as possible.


The game will be a linear story, but the player will also have some free choice. For example, the player will have a map and be able to select different locations to travel to.

The player will also fight battles with monsters. In the battle, you will have options to choose from like special skills or using magic abilities. Or, even items from the players inventory.

There will be a few times which the game will utilize randomization. For example, if you are exploring, there will be percentage-based encounters which can occur like finding loot or running into a monster.


Honestly, if you just imagine a Final Fantasy game, that's what I'm trying to create.

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