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Suggestion for choosing challenges

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12 minutes ago, khawk said:

This is what I'd like to do.

So, let's see the suggestions for the next challenge!

I have a few ideas, but what will the time-lines be for completion? I don't want to recommend something that I know cannot be completed if there isn't enough time. :) 

One suggestion I had, and I can get into more detail if it's of interest, is to create a basic 3D maze where the player travels through and fights monsters while collecting equipment and items as they journey to the exit. This will also be an RPG so levels will go up, as well as stats and abilities. Enemies can either spawn through RNG with battle events, or they can be free moving with real-time combat or turn based once interaction has occurred.

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Oo I have a bunch of suggestions, maybe too many, I will think of more later: :)

  • Hamster danceoff (well could be any animals, you would load in a music file to play and have to press keys to move your hamsters dancemoves in time, maybe 2 player)
  • Squirrel racing (or some other animal)
  • Sheep herding
  • Michael Phelp's shark racing
  • chess
  • frogger
  • pool
  • 2d/3d bomber game, bomb enemy bases before being blown up by enemy fire
  • scrabble
  • worms
  • text adventure (graphics allowed for locations but must be text based)

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I wanted to make sure I have time before suggesting it (still not sure). But since this challenges thing started, I wanted to suggest a game where the objective is world domination. Provide a map of some kind (procedural or pregenerated) and the player is to take complete control.

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5 hours ago, Rutin said:

what will the time-lines be for completion?

We can vary the time based on the theme. I know some themes are bigger than others.

So maybe suggested timeframes for suggestions would be helpful too.

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Love the @GoliathForge Atari list  ^_^y so we can port it when Atari VCS ( Atari Box ) comes out Nyaha : - D

EDIT : Atari Adventure Challenge ; yeah before Lara was born we have Harry : - D

1. Pitfall
2. Jungle Hunt
3. Mountain King

Edited by DexterZ101

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22 hours ago, GoliathForge said:

Oh, this is still cool. Seems sane to stick with the Atari 2600 game list as a base plus the above, gives more than enough poll options. Still, something feels missing, something that brings artists, sound wizards and coders together for these short term runs. Some sort of mechanism that allows asset insertion into a grab bag as perhaps a side activity while contestants were banging out code. On the flip side, a challenge related asset request path to the community with the thought that non contestants were interested in a form of participation.

I know I put in far too many suggestions but the Atari list is a long list!! :) We might need a special polling system to allow us each multiple votes otherwise we will end up with just a few games with 1 vote each, I hope the forum supports this lol. And maybe 2 rounds of voting.

Good idea about artists and assets. A global grab bag of assets would be fun, especially if there were not enough artists to e.g. randomly assign artist to a programmer. Might need some kind of pre-agreement for the programmer to be able to distribute the game, like they were licensed as free as long as credit given, one of the creative commons licenses.

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