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Help with creating characters for action/fighting game

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It's for a bunch of different characters that you can pick and choose from and do battle, shoot and fight (think Overwatch plus Street Fighter) but I want to base some of it on real life fighting styles and weapons (yeah seems kinda odd for a fictional game style but I like it for some reason).

One of my cast I have has a scary theme to them. A surgeon and nurse and they fight together. The surgeon is more a long range zoner and uses more hallucinations and poison based weapons from far and the nurse uses more syringe and scalpel weapons from close quarters and is like a rushdown. They can also throw scalpels from far away. What would make sense for their fighting style and background? Make them combat field medic experts they're trained in? Or martial art knife fighting and throwing skills they were trained in? what's also a cool background story for where they were from? US? Ireland? Indonesia?


Thanks for the help.

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