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DX11 Drawing multiple objects

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Hi everyone!

I have some problem in drawing multiple objects. If i load and draw only one model, it draws correctly, but if i add more objects, some of them draw partially, and i have warning ID3D11DeviceContext::DrawIndexed: Index buffer has not enough space! [ EXECUTION WARNING #359: DEVICE_DRAW_INDEX_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL].

If i draw only one model, i don't have this warning.

For each model in render function i do following actions:

deviceContext->PSSetSamplers(0, 1, &m_samplerState);
deviceContext->VSSetShader(m_vertexShader, NULL, 0);
deviceContext->PSSetShader(m_pixelShader, NULL, 0);
deviceContext->DrawIndexed(indexDrawAmount, indexStart, 0);

unsigned int stride;
unsigned int offset;

stride = sizeof(VertexType);
offset = 0;
deviceContext->IASetVertexBuffers(0, 1, &m_vertexBuffer, &stride, &offset);
deviceContext->IASetIndexBuffer(m_indexBuffer, DXGI_FORMAT_R32_UINT, offset);

deviceContext->PSSetSamplers(0, 0, NULL);
deviceContext->VSSetShader(NULL, NULL, 0);
deviceContext->PSSetShader(NULL, NULL, 0);

Each model has it's own vertex and index buffers, which being initialized when i load .obj file.

Each index is unsigned int.

When i'm trying to use Graphics Debugger in Visual Studio, i catch unhandled exception in line

deviceContext->DrawIndexed(indexDrawAmount, indexStart, 0);


dx11 2018-10-05 18-44-58-83.bmp

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Well, warning is self explanatory - there is something wrong with your index buffer.

Do both models work if you load and draw only one of them?

Do both models work if you load both of them but draw only one of them?

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