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Maybe this is completely stupid, because I hashed it together in about 15 minutes and know nothing about card games, or game design, so let me know. The concept is, being a geeky teenager you're trying to improve your 'stud' (I guess) meter. You do this by playing cards through a beer/alcohol curve. There are five types of cards. One. Friend cards. These are played by both players and can interact with each other and either player. For instance, Dave's ability "You both try to recreate a stunt Dave saw online, three days in the hospital." This Impacts the second cards, Girls. The key to improving your stud with first kiss, date, dance/prom, texting, hang out, w/e else. So when you're out, you can't interact with them temporarily.

Third comes the Bullies. They target and prevent friend abilities, rob you, and other bad stuff. They require cash upkeep or leave (permanent/side-boarded?) Fourth we have Gain cards, standard beneficial effects like Chores "$5 per day" or Party Time "Parents outta' town, gain 2 Stud." Lastly the Duds which screw other players such as Tattle Tale "Your mom found your beer, and your dad drank it -3 beer" but also "You discover Warcraft, 2 days without contact"

That's some of the ideas and concepts anyway, which I expect will shift around. Something about cars too, but we'll see.

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