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OpenGL Bloom/Glow effect in OpenGL question

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I was studying making bloom/glow effect in OpenGL and following the tutorials from learnopengl.com and ThinMatrix (youtube) tutorials, but i am still confuse 

on how to generate the bright colored texture to be used for blur.

Do I need to put lights in the area of location i want the glow to happen so it will be brighter than other object in the scene?, that means i need to draw the scene with the light first?

or does the brightness can be extracted based on how the color of the model was rendered/textured thru a formula or something?

I have a scene that looks like this that i want to glow the crystal


can somebody enlighten me on how or what the correct approach is?

really appreciated!

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I would guess the crystal is done with a simple emissive property, and a point light without shadowmap?


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