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In game image memset function not working...

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1 hour ago, rjhwinner03 said:

Yes. I have removed the memset. I am getting the same results. I have had it commented out the whole time. But now, I have completely deleted it. It is gone.

I get, now 1/3 - 1/4 of a minimap.

Is there any way that I could do something to substitute for the memset function?

Your for () loops are already correctly filling in every single texel in the texture.  There was never a need for the memset() and there is no need to replace it.
If you wanted to replace it, you would use 2 nested for () loops, which you are already doing.  That is the replacement for memset() in this case.  I mean, I assume you are still using an L8 64×64 texture.

Now that that issue has been solved, why not post that function again?  I assume it has been removed, but I want to see it.

Once I have seen the updated function, we can move on to what is actually causing your problem.
And for that I would recommend RenderDoc.
Take a frame capture of your game and inspect that texture.  Post the texture here.  AND THAT FUNCTION AGAIN.

If your function is correct and RenderDoc shows you that the texture is not correct, then we will have a serious discussion about what could be wrong, ranging from texture creation flags to other memory overflows to shader usages etc.

If your function is correct and RenderDoc shows you that the texture is correct, then you have another issue somewhere else in your code.
If you find a suspicious function you are still going to have to post it.  I suggest you get over that fact very quickly.

L. Spiro

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