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Just bought a SGI Irix Indy computer, what computer programming can I do with it?

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I just bought an SGI Indy from ebay. I netbooted the OS, and got the ethernet internet working... My next question is, "What now?"

What can I do with the computer? My original reason of getting the computer is so I could do C/C++ programming on it, but I do not have all of the CD's that are needed for things such as the MIPS assembler...


What do I do?

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Sounds fun! Though being an early 90's machine, you'd likely be dealing with pre-standard C++, and maybe C89? 

A quick google turned up this http://www.ve3syb.ca/software/irix/irix-gcc.html

There's probably archivists /hoarders around who have the required files somewhere... Otherwise I guess your new hobby is writing your own assembler :D

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I worked on those back in the mid-90's. The little blue boxes were relatively zippy with a lot of fast cache relative to the era.

Irix has it's quirks, but it more or less the same as other equipment of the era.  The C++ standard library of today was initially based off SGI's template library, which became the "standard template library" that led to the nickname STL. There are some minor differences but if it exists in the libraries it will generally match the modern behavior.

Without the disks, though, you may be in trouble. SGI's bankruptcy a decade ago means you may have a hard time finding the resources online.

They're about the same timeframe as Intel's 486. Computers have come a LONG way since then.  If your goal is to learn C++, there are free tools online like this to where you don't even need to install a compiler on your machine.

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