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My idea for a moblie strategy game.

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My idea for a moblie strategy game starts out like this.A world in turmoil.Where war is all.The world will be a medieval style.A huge map with lots of citys, towns, forest,hills,mines ,and landmarks,that players and factions can control.

 The gameplay or battleing handle like this.Each player controls a unit that can freely move around on the map.They can attack enemy faction players.The attacks deals a kill and wound damage.The wound damage can be heal with a freindly healer,while the kill is permant.The thought behind this kill and wound damage is that the battles will be fair,so as each side will suffer lose.While the wound damage will help prolong a good fight.There can also be unit or a camp on the map that will reinforce your units once your out of combat with new troops to replace the kill ones.

 The objective of the games is too help your factions grow which will consist of thousands of players.Will your doing that you be lvling up your units and commander skills.

 For the server there will only be one server to keep in a flux of new players.To help new players keep up with the older players ,the freindly faction players can loan there exp troop unit which will be one of many unit types,so they can be on par against other players unit lvl.



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