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TIFF(JPEG compression) loading in opengl

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i am using stbi_load library since it is so lightweight, all we need to include is a header file, so i can easily port it to mobile (OpenGL ES), but i have discovered that it does not load TIFF with JPEG compression,

are there any other alternative image loader that can load TIFF (with JPEG compression)?
Im planning to use TIFF(with JPEG) as the textures to my 3d objects because of its size which is more than half of that PNGs.


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IIRC i have used http://www.libtiff.org/ because it supported JPEG compression for CMYK images (4 color channels), so i guess it works for you.

However, likely you uncompress them at loading time, so you end up using uncompressed textures. Which takes more memory and is mostly slower. You might want to use compression supported by GPU hardware instead.



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