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Plot beats needed for Whodunnit

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On 11/7/2018 at 11:13 AM, PersuaderGames said:

You gave me some food for thought here for sure. For now I have only thought about how the side characters act and behave towards the main character, but not about their relationship among each other.

Very interesting to think of them as pairs or clusters, agonizing or sympathising with each other. Especially in the context of my project this could lead to a lot more depth.

I already have a specific game mechanic implemented for sympathies towards the main character, expanding this for all characters will be interesting.

Thanks for the help!

@ViolentSleepBtw, I would really like to check out your work. Could you point me towards a website or something where I can check it out?

I'm glad I could help. It's always a good idea to take into account how your characters will interact. More than once I've had a character that just doesn't blend into the story because they clash awfully with everything else in it. If you can work that into a game mechanic it could work out really cool! It'd be neat to see how interactions between NPCs could affect the outcome, rather than just relying on the player character to carry all the weight. Dunno how easy it'd be to do, but it'd be neat to see it in action.

Most of my stuff isn't readily available. I write - a lot - but I have that awful habit of not showing it to anybody. Some I plan on developing into games, others I wrote as part of a collaborative fiction project and don't work as stand-alone stories. A few of my short stories which I've abandoned and won't further develop or edit can be read on my website though. Not sure if it's okay to link to my stuff in a post, but it's in my sig if you wanna take a look.

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