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My unread feed stopped working properly

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TLDR: Since yesterday, my "Unread Content" feed gets stuck after the first time I open it.


I have a problem with the "unread content" feed. Yesterday I opened it and read a couple things from it, as usual. A couple hours later i refreshed the page, expecting new content to show up. Instead, it showed the same content that was there before I refreshed. The feed still works, as in that I can keep reading unread things and they will disappear from the feed, but no newer content than my first visit will ever show up. I could see newer content on the forum and read it regularly. This did not change throughout the day.

Today when I opened the feed, it showed all new content correctly. However, as I refresh the page it again does not show any content since my first visit today.

The only unusual thing I remembered happening yesterday is that I got a 5XX error once when browsing the forum. It didn't last long, I think everything went back to normal the moment I refreshed the page.

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Same here for the recent activity on the main page, just happening the past couple of days or so. Although when I click on the forum blue menu it does give the latest forum topics.

Also the first page of projects is not showing, it says 'Template gamedevprojects/front/projects/tableitem is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme'.

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