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Carlos Hdez Barbera

C++ GetDlgCtrlID and GetLastError returning 0 - Win32 Game

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I'm doing a WIN32 application (kind of a table game like Tic-Tac-Toe) and I need to keep track (or get in someway) the ID of the different statics elements to change the colors.

The problem comes because the function GetDlgCtrlID is returning 0 and GetLastError is returning also a non error value.

This is the class where I'm trying to get the ID and save it

Casilla::Casilla(HWND* window, std::set<int>* stackToEnable, std::set<int>* stackToDisable)
    m_window = window;
    m_wID = GetDlgCtrlID(*window);
    std::string str = GetLastErrorAsString();
    m_setToEnable = stackToEnable;
    m_setToDisable = stackToDisable;

DWORD WINAPI Casilla::Enable()
    InvalidateRect(*m_window, NULL, TRUE);
    return 0;

DWORD WINAPI Casilla::Disable()
    InvalidateRect(*m_window, NULL, TRUE);
    return 0;

//Returns the last Win32 error, in string format. Returns an empty string if there is no error.
std::string Casilla::GetLastErrorAsString()
    //Get the error message, if any.
    DWORD errorMessageID = ::GetLastError();
    if (errorMessageID == 0)
        return std::string(); //No error message has been recorded

    LPSTR messageBuffer = nullptr;
        NULL, errorMessageID, MAKELANGID(LANG_NEUTRAL, SUBLANG_DEFAULT), (LPSTR)&messageBuffer, 0, NULL);

    std::string message(messageBuffer, size);

    //Free the buffer.

    return message;

And this is the code that create the element and the "Casilla" to keep track of the ID:

void AddSlot(HWND hWnd)
    HWND tmp = CreateWindowW(L"static", L"TO CHANGE COLOR", WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | WS_BORDER | SS_CENTER, 500, 500, 100, 100, hWnd, NULL, NULL, NULL);
    Casilla* cas = new Casilla(&tmp, windowsToChangeColorToEnable, windowsToChangeColorToDisable);

Hope you can help me!

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Microsoft Docs ( say:


An application sets the identifier for a child window when it creates the window by assigning the identifier value to the hmenu parameter when calling the CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx function.

You call CreateWindow ( with NULL as hMenu, so it has the ID 0 and this is what the function returns.

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