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Python Inline flowchart generation - Python

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Hello all,

essentially what I'm looking for is a flowchart generator that I can leverage with my python applications using, "magic characters" (@) and the like, above flow control structures, and important bits of code. While there does seem to exist some similar libraries in the py eco system, there doesn't seem to be anything 1:1 to what I'm looking for, I've heard of Doxygen, but i'd prefer something native to Python. 

Really just something that gives my engineers minimal control of the output of what the flowchart will look like in the most minimally invasive way possible. Also, I know the process for flowcharting is backwards in this proposition, but this is more for management after the fact. 

If something exists, great! If not, I'll code it out, but don't want to duplicate efforts if something similar is already out there


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Well, you could use something like pygraphviz to generate the actual charts and then just write a simple parser to read your engineers notation. 

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