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[SOLVED] Passing object handle to array::insertLast

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I have a type registered as so:


Then in my script I have this code:

array<Object@> ret = {};
const Object@ x = @game.objects[i];

Which gives the error:

ai\9.as(162, 13): ERROR : No matching signatures to 'array::insertLast(const Object@&)'
ai\9.as(162, 13): INFORMATION : Candidates are:
ai\9.as(162, 13): INFORMATION : void array::insertLast(Object@const&in)

What does this mean? What's the difference between const Object@ and Object@const?

I'm sorry I don't know offhand what version of Angelscript I'm using, because someone else compiled it for me a few years ago.

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Your array is expecting handles to objects that are modifiable, i.e. not const. But you're trying to insert a handle to a non-modifiable object, i.e. const.

'const Object @' is a handle to non-modifiable object.

'Object @const' is a handle to a modifiable object, only the handle itself cannot be changed to refer to a different object.




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