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Stacey Garrison

Female Model Critique - New to this, need help!

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Wow! The improvement is very noticeable! Great work! :)

Can you provide a large close up image of the lips, and with another showing the topology please? From the size on screen I don't notice anything out of place.

The only issue I can see right off the bat is the lines on the face model:


Did you do any baking? Are these edges coming out? Or is this how the texture is drawn?

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There's no baking, that area you circled still has some weird topography, which might be why you see problems. I'm still kinda poking away at that area.

Here's some more closeups. The lips here are what I have in substance painter. I can't actually get a closer picture in-game as the zoom level only goes in that far.



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To be honest the lips are not bad. If you still want to work on them you can look at more reference material. Also check out this video for some tips on faces.

Keep working on that topology, you've made massive improvements since the last time. :) 

Also! Make sure your normals are not wrong otherwise you'll get problems as well with rendering. You should always make it a habit to check them.



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