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The Golden Bow(L) - A game to make you smile. Participate in the development process!

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Hello! I'm the developer of The Golden Bow(l) and the protagonist of my game, Bowie, told me to post this.

Here's a video he recorded a video just for you:

About this project

The Golden Bow(l) has one purpose: to make the player smile and have fun from the moment he picks up the controller. Everything in the game is a joke, and there's also a bunch of references and hidden social criticism.
It's still in the early stages of development and I plan to release it for PC and consoles. I still do not have any release date confirmed.

The beginning of a pointless journey
Bowie's father, an artisan, used to tell him stories about a legendary golden bowl. Due to his father's bad accent, the story was misunderstood, leading the boy to believe that it was all about a legendary bow. Ever since his early days, he always dreamed of being an archer. The thought of possessing this unique weapon filled his heart with the utmost joy. He then decided he would dedicate his life to find the mythological bow, embarking into a dissappointing and purposeless journey.

The Social Media

Not sure if you want to follow the game social media pages? Bowie explains what you should expect from them to help you decide!


Instagram: thegbow.l - https://www.instagram.com/thegbow.l/

Facebook: The Golden Bow.l - https://www.facebook.com/TheGoldenBowlGame/

YouTube: The Golden Bow.l - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi4Yw1DXcd6GHGlwXYIwfTQ/

The basic gameplay mechanics

Keep in mind that the art is not final and that this scene is just for show.
You'll be able to unlock new abilities, outfits and gameplay mechanics as you progress.
There'll be memorable bosses (such as the Insta-Grr, Dickbutt, The Political Extremist and more)! Each world will have its own theme and everything (the design, music, the enemies, and  the bosses) is going to be developed according to that world theme.


You can see how the gameplay feels by downloading it (see link below). In the tester, only the most basics mechanics are avaible, feel free to judge them and give me your feedback. The avaible level is just for testing purposes and the art is not final. 

Thank you for reading this far. My heart will be always open for feedback and criticism.
Hope to see you around!

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