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Maik Klein

Feedback for my portfolio (programmer)

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I have now read quite a lot of CVs and I am a bit confused because they are all so different. Is there a public CV that you consider to be very good?

I wasn't sure which skills I should add, I have seen CVs that list things like 'Microsoft Office', which I found a bit odd.

I only included the most essential skills that I could think of. I also only included my latest 3 projects. Also the studio where I want to apply to doesn't have any job listings yet, otherwise I could have listed all the relevant skills for a specific position.

Should I drop the math blog post? I just wanted to show that I am at least interested in math.  Should I add a section where I talk about why I want to apply for a job at company XXX? Also I just listed that I have 5 years open source experience and I linked my github. Should I include some PRs that I worked on like https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/45525 ?

I assume I should definitely submit it as a pdf and not as a formatted email?

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I can't get your link to work, are you sure you shared it properly?

There is no universal ideal.  What one person likes, another person may dislike. There are regional practices, what is considered important and sometimes considered critical in one part of the world is disliked or even considered inappropriate in another part of the world. (Photographs are an example, a strict NO in many countries, a near-requirement in others.)

In general everything should point to your ability to do the job.  If you were applying as a secretary then Microsoft Office is fine. If you're applying as a programmer, it is irrelevant.

Much of it will be personal style. Since you cannot know what a potential employer is looking for, and you cannot predict how the unknown people reviewing your job application will feel about your personal style, nor can you predict what needs they have that you might be able to fulfill, just do what you feel works for you.  Share it with others who can talk about details they like or dislike, and apply for the jobs.


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