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Computer Science/Programming Refreshers?

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Hello all,

I'm new here, so please forgive me if this isn't quite the correct forum, I felt like it may have fit in to a few different ones. 

I received a Computer Science degree in 2004 with the original intent of trying to getting in to game development. After graduation though, I decided to join the US military. After I left active duty in 2016 I eventually decided to go after my old dream and am pursuing a Game Dev & Programming BS degree. I am in my last term, so am getting more and more focused on my next steps after graduation and breaking in to the industry. 

There aren't many game industry jobs where I'm located (Kansas City), so I'm also very much looking at opportunities in software engineering/programming in general. I actually feel like I'm a better programmer now than I ever was getting my CS degree, but I think one of my biggest weaknesses now is that I have just forgotten some of the core concepts of CS as they apply to programming. Want me define and implement a binary search tree during an interview? Probably couldn't do it off the top of my head. Talk about algorithms and Big-O notation? I've forgotten everything except a pretty cursory understanding. I interviewed for an internship in August and was asked about stack/heap and semaphores. Good thing I just happened to have read about them a few days before, otherwise I would not have been able to speak intelligently on them much at all. I know these are likely pretty basic topics for someone who has been immersed in it for 4 years getting their degree, and that's who I will be competing with for jobs. 

With all that said (sorry it's so long!), does anyone know of any resources for helping to refresh some of this core knowledge? Googling has turned up some helpful stuff, but a lot of my results seem to be huge lists of "Free online computer science courses," which could be helpful, but I guess I had something along the lines of like a wiki or guided tutorials in mind. 

These two seem promising:




Any other thoughts, ideas, or advice? Thanks in advance!



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Do you have any of your old college textbooks?  Those would be the first place to review, since you've already studied them once a review should be very quick.

The field is enormous. If you have a specific set of topics you're looking for and can share them, we can post good books on that specific topic. But since they're new to you it won't be review, it will be a new study of something you have studied before.

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