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[Android][PC][Unity][Youtube] Turn Based Strategy RPG (Progress)

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tldr; -> just read the bold words ;)
About This Project
What is the name of the project, you might ask. The project is nameless right now since this game will be created all around the creative influence of it's early community. The problem of a community-driven creative process is the many developers or their games lose their identity and personal touch. My goal is to find a perfect balance between community influence and my personal taste.
This is my first game which I aim to professionally release on several platforms. I am ready to embrace the challenge and also prepared for a (hopefully) not to bumpy ride and I invite you all to join me.
About The Game
I do not want to give too much away yet but the basic idea is to design a game which has a turn-based strategy system. You are a hero who controls an army of restless souls which are the classic RPG breeds - Ghouls, Ghosts, Skeletons, etc. There are several kingdoms in this realm who fight for territory. You used to be a hero, but your name has been forgotten. In this realm, every soul that enters it is nameless and unimportant. Though, it is still possible to make a name for yourself and your underworld kingdom. You are a commander of battle and a commander of war. You collect souls to fight for you in battle, strategically place your man and spread fear among those who try to stand in your way. The goal is to make this realm yours.
There will be a few classes to choose from. If the interest in this game is big enough, I will consider adding more. Right now,  I plan to add 3 to 4 classes.
Planned features are:
  • Boss fights
  • Stamina System (Each turn +1 Stamina)
  • Experience System
  • Optional Hardcore Mode
  • Highscore
  • Items and Equipment
  • Alchemy
  • Interactable objects on the battlefield (e.g. temporary boosts,
  • Small Story-line (main focus is on the gameplay)
Not planned yet, only in future updates if:
  • Crafting system
  • More items
  • PVP
  • More customization
  • More Storyline
  • More Maps
How can you help?
    • There will be weekly votes on several aspects of the game on forums and maybe someday youtube. Just vote!
    • Give advice and feedback
    • Constructive Criticism
    • Follow on Youtube and like the videos (only if you really like them!)
    • Spread the word
    • Donate assets (3D Models, 2D GUI, Textures, Unity Terrains, etc.) They will only be used if they fit into the games design
As passionate gamer on a budget, I dislike the idea of overpriced titles and Micro-payment. Of course, it would be too early to determine a price and marketing strategy just yet. But I can promise that this title will cost under 20€ on PC. On Android it will probably cost around 5€ at most.
Since it is my first project, I have not planned to implement multiplayer, just to keep things simple. But the main reason for that is that currently there would be too few players to play online, resulting in a poor multiplayer experience. Local multiplayer could be a considerable option.
About Myself
I am 22 years old and I study Computer Science in Germany. My main programming language is C#. If you want to know more, feel free to ask!
Pictures and More information comming soon :)
Youtube Updates:
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New Update
This week was a busy week for me. Unfortunately, this meant I had less time to work on my indie game. However, I have managed to implement a basic UI and spawning system. However, this will be overhauled during the next week. The biggest update is the performance update. I would like to thank you for the views on the last video and I hope you enjoy my latest video on youtube.


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