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Pub/Sub for game Servers... Are you?

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Those are song lyrics man, not reality.. ;)  Everything changes except human perception.  We're keying in here on a long standing rivalry between Systems guys and Coders I think..  Every coder I've known takes your perspective on this..  And every network/server guy I've known thinks y'all are crazy.  It seems as though coders like to behave like the changes in the hardware never really make any difference because their code never really has to change significantly.  Just because it doesn't HAVE to change significantly, doesn't mean it couldn't become something better in it's newer environment if it did.

You keep snagging on Redis, I don't think I'm using it how you think I'm using it, it I think.  I was considering possibilities for it, earlier on, that proved not to be feasible.  Documentation is very helpful.  It's just my database man, and a WICKED fast one! :D

Aside from that, yes.  I'm building the system to fit the game I'm making.  The game I'm making will be different.  But I think it also has potential to be a platform for more different games. 

Possibly even done differently. ...  No, certainly done differently.

You might be pushing me into a Slogan here! :D  hahaha

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