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Roguelite card game design

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Hey my dudes,

Me and 4 friends are third year compsci students. Three of us are pretty good at drawing. We are hoping to make a 2d roguelite game with unity during the next few months. We are still brainstorming. At the moment, my idea is to create a card roguelite game:

First, you would need to choose 2 heroes to enter the dungeon with the goal of finding a treasure. The treasure found gives you extra bonus in later runs. You can choose between mage, gunner, rogue, paladin, warrior and fighter. Each hero has their own unique cards. And there are common cards that every heroes can get(like hearthstone).

The progression system would be like slay the spire’s. You can choose your own path, but every paths leads to the boss. It would use procedural generation. After defeating an enemy, you get to choose a new card out of the three options. There would be shops, random events, elite enemies, etc

The combat system is where i need some suggestions on. There would be two piles of deck. One for each hero. I can think of two good combat systems:

1. Before every enemy encounters, you can choose what cards to use from your deck. Cards not used would not get discarded. Cards are drawn from the deck only if they break or due to special card’s effect. Every card have a durability number. Ones the durability reach zero, the card would break and can no longer be used. Events/enemies can modify the durability of the cards.

2. Card not used this turn would get discarded. Once the deck is empty, the discard pile gets shuffled and copied to the deck. Card/item effects can increase the number of cards you draw.

How can I make the game more interesting? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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From your description I'd be worried about positive feedback, both lucky (random victory->loot->power increase->further easy victories) because it would be hard to manage and perceived as a boring easy game, and unlucky (random loss-> missing loot->power deficit->further losses) which can be remedied by allowing grinding (not without issues) or giving free cards but could remain unnoticed.

What are your targets for luck and strategy?

  • Blind rock-paper-scissors vs. ways to predict enemy moves
  • Adapting to enemy actions and random fluctuations vs. following an unchanging optimum plan
  • Chances to win hopeless battles, or to lose despite superiority and good plans, because of luck.

Also, is it going to be a game about cards (with collecting, deckbuilding and direct card interactions) or about characters (with cards affecting them and characters limiting played cards)? What complications can you use to differentiate cards and offer meaningful choices? What's the purpose of collecting cards?

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