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Clint Paul

Looking to start a team

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Before you read further this is non funded. I have a few friends on board helping me with the core mechanics and would like to see if anybody would like to join and help me get this project really going. 


So basically, I have a MOBA I am working on and have already came up with most of the lore (but that part really isnt important until later on), have about 20 to 30 characters created at the time of posting this. That is the part i had my friends helping me with. One is pretty friendly with some pro smite players and is super knowledgeable at the game period. And the other is actually actively in a pro team for smite himself. What I would need is those looking to get on board and help with the programming aspect and maybe if im lucky, the sound portion as well. Whatever it is you feel you would like to help with and get some experience in at the same time, dont be shy to let me know. this also includes any artist for character design as well as 3d modelers

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Done. I took the liberty of making a server. My username on Discord is citron0 

The link to the server is: https://discord.gg/MZdBBpn

Much appreciated and see you there. I'll leave the link there for anyone else to use.

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1 hour ago, Kfostergraphics said:

I have a similar project going on... but primarily have the map and props generated, though I'm looking for help with characters.. maybe we can collaborate? 

Sure you can email me if you want at clint.paul86@yahoo.com i can give you my number for whatsapp

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