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Oddy, The Cosplaying Character Design. Feedback & Suggestions wanted!

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I wanted to share some early concept work for one of the main characters of my upcoming PC game, The Golden Bow(l). Here's his announcement trailer:
Oddy's role in the game
Due budget issues, Oddy can only afford half of his cosplays costumes... And that’s the reason he’s Always wearing his faithful diaper.

‘’The Cosplayer’’ has a core role in The Golden Bow(l)’s story. Every single night of his childhood, Bowie (the protagonist) would listen to Oddy’s narrative of The Golden Bowl. Because of this odd character’s strange accent, the boy misunderstood the story and was led to believe that it was all about some mythological Golden Bow. And that’s how the most pointless and disappointing journey began: Bowie, being so passionate about the art of archery, decided to devote his life to the pursuit of the legendary artifact – one that does not even exist.

By the end of each boss battle, Oddy will appear wearing a different cosplay. He’ll be in charge of teaching Bowie new skills and giving him useful items that will aid him in his journey.
The main point of the game is humour and sarcasm, along with interesting level and bosses designs.
What do you think of this character? 
Would you like to suggest a cosplay? I still have a bunch of empty slots for his cosplays, so your suggestion can actually go into the game!
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