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Nick Griffith

Sprites & backgrounds for 2d platformer

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I'm making a 2d platformer game as a learning experience, and I need a character and some backgrounds.

The idea is a person on the brink of death "running" through his memories. The background is his memories.

This game will make minimal revenue, because it'll be a free mobile game.

I'll give you more details if you respond.


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If you are using Unity (your post is tagged with Unity) and this project is only for the learning experience I would recommend checking out the Unity Asset Store. You should be able to find a lot of great stuff that is free to use. This should also be a lot faster than finding someone who wants to create art assets. :) 

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Hey, Nick. You should let people know what it is that you're wanting. Artists typically need inspiration to function and the details of what you're looking for will fuel that. Do you want a half-dinosaur, half robot character stomping around on an alien world? Is it pixel art, hi-res painterly or cell shaded vector your looking for? Food for thought, man.

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