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OpenGL FrameBuffer / Multi light

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On 12/2/2018 at 6:18 AM, ccel said:


The tutorial can be tweaked to greatly increase the number of lights.
Set NR_LIGHTS to some high value like 512, this is now your "maximum number" of lights on screen.

Then pass in a uniform for the number of active lights, the shader will exit the for loop. There's no need to render geometry per light, that makes it more complicated. This does a single pass that loops over all of your lights per pixel. 

Hello CCEL. Thank u for reply.

But i would like to know how to render contless light using geometry.
I'm following several tutorials, but I can not get this result. I do not know if any "LearnOpenGL" settings prevent the result.

This is a personal goal, I have no interest in using engines, this is a goal for knowledge.

If u can follow:

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Ah sorry I misunderstood, I answered your question on stackexchange.


The point about doing it in a single pass still stands since you have more control over the loops and you can have any number of lights still (especially if you use a https://www.khronos.org/opengl/wiki/Shader_Storage_Buffer_Object). The 512 suggestion was just a suggestion for a max limit... you can't really render an infinite number of lights per frame anyway, it won't be real time anymore XD 

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