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Could you recommend me about career change from an architect to a game designer?

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I am working as an architect but I really want to move to the game industry. However, I don't know how to become a game designer and whether my skills are applicable.

Is there anyone who changed the career from an architect to a game designer? 

Should I go back to college or do an internship or find a job right now? 

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Start by reading the FAQs in the sticky posts. A lot of good information which would apply, even if it isn't specific to someone from the architecture field.

If you want to be a game designer, start by designing games. It's never been easier to pick up a game engine and start using it. Failing that, you can try designing board games. You want to build a portfolio that shows that you can do the work, in one of the hardest disciplines to break in to.

There are so many different ways in which people break into the game industry, it's impossible to tell you which will work for you. Are you surrounded by game studios? Maybe you can find work as a game tester and work your way up the ladder.
Are you signed up for the Global Game Jam? Maybe you can make connections there that will lead you to your first job.
Is there an amazing game design program you can attend nearby which will give you the skills game studios are so desperate for they will help you relocate?

Working as an architect might give you a slight advantage as an artist or level designer over someone completely clueless, but there's still a huge gap between what you learned and the skills game studios need, so don't expect this to be an easy transition, but you never know if you never try or give up too soon.

Best of luck.

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Hey, HJ04. You're architecture expertise probably won't translate into being really good at level design for game development, but your ability to envision 3D space and structure, fully in your mind, will aid you in learning level design and 3D modelling. However, you mentioned wanting to be a game designer. Don't confuse the very specific role of "designer" with the blanket term of "developer".

The only advice I can offer is what ItamarReiner said, make a game. Prove to yourself and others that this is something you truly want to do. Good luck!

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