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Unreal UE4, How do I Get a Boolean variable to reference from one Blueprint to another?

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I'm in need of making a Boolean variable public somehow, so that multiple blueprints of mine can reference when an action can and cannot be done. I searched around already, finding answers that didn't completely apply, were outdated missing their explanation images, or were simply confusing.

This is what I'd like to accomplish, without the error of course.


I do have the "Has Weapon" variable set as visible (The eye icon is open), I am just unsure on what to do from there to allow these sword pickup BP's to reference that Boolean variable in my character blueprint.


Maybe I am going about this wrong; any solutions are welcome.

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I figured it out. Just like my "Set" Boolean variables, I had to extend off of the casting of my other blueprint in which the variables originated, and typing in the variable I needed allowed me to use "Get" it as well, and there I could plug it into my branch with no problem.

SC 1.png

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