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Camarada Letlev

How to implement videogames the system of precision and evasion?

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I wanted to consult with you a question I have had for some time. With some friends we are trying to develop a game (as a hobby) and we find ourselves with the dilemma of the attributes of the characters and their attributes, which has corresponded to evasion and precision.

We long to create a real-time isometric videogame where evasion plays an important role for the rogues and sea precision implemented for the first defense of an opponent (evasion)

How would video games normally do to use the evasion and the precision of the players and the opponents?

For example: A player uses his precision to determine his ability. Hit on your goal. We honestly do not have the knowledge in mathematics to lower the case to the answers. What would be the most appropriate mechanics for the case? We seek a delicious balance between the classes, where the theme of its precision and elusiveness is described, the warrior for the stamina and blockage, while the magician for being fragile but mortal with his spells. It occurs to me, it is said that players and opponents compare their points of evasion and precision (as I said in the beginning) and that the probabilities are exchanged with limitations up to 60% for evasion and 85% for accuracy. ) ...

I already read a couple of cases where users kindly explained how to implement a system of evasion and accuracy as chances in publications such as:


Is there a "formula" to compare two numbers and attribute probabilities to them? Would you recommend using other mechanics that you consider more effective? Excuse me if I sound ignorant, I do this for fun and maybe some people think I did not read the basics to begin to think about the algorithms of a fight, I appreciate your patience.

(Based on what I read, I came to the conclusion that I could compare two numbers and bring them to probabilities)

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There is no universal formula that all games use, they use a lot of different formulas.

The reason those different formulas work is because the playerbase will create a metagame that adapted to any unbalances (and also because formulas are easily tweakable; just changing a number will solve a lot of balance-issues as they arrive.)

But a few pointers:

players generally don't like a hit/miss system(a hit/crithit system is liked)

keep the formula simple if possible(for the players to understand)

make sure you add in a variable that is set by the design to have a better control over balance(for example the price of equipment)

hope this helps :)

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If you're struggling with the numbers and the math of the system, get some good paper-and-pencil RPG games and play some of them. 

It may take some effort if you aren't currently skilled with the math, but usually it is simplified enough in the rule books that you can work out how they all interrelate.

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