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How to make a cartoony game without any set time frame?

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I am a solo developer, and I've been working on a mobile top down shooter. I've been struggling to come up with an appealing art style to use, but I'm leaning towards a cartoony, flat/cell shaded art style with thick black outlines. I want it to be kind of gritty and messy though (like rough, mouse drawn outlines and shading). The problem is, I can't find this style anywhere else, so I can only go off of the very vague idea in my head (very hard to describe or actually create). The YouTube channel BlackThornProd uses an art style somewhat similar to this. Does anyone know of any games with this art style? Any other thoughts?

My second problem is trying to come up with generic map ideas. I want the game to have both futuristic / modern / medieval weapons, but I'm not sure how to include all this without everything feeling out of place. I don't want the maps to lean too far in a certain direction either. Like I could just have a desert map, but how do I make it interesting without any man made structures. I'm not sure of many games that don't have a setting like this, so its hard to come up with ideas. There is BTD5, but those maps couldn't apply to my game. I was also looking at TF2 and Overwatch, but none of these games have what I'm looking for. 

I would love to here any ideas or thoughts you have! Should I scrap all my ideas ;) ? Thanks for your help!

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I don't know how helpful this is but for the weapons you could do something like how civ does it. Like, have you start with ancient stuff and slowly upgrade as the turns go on, but in this case, you could spend currency to upgrade your ancient structures to more modern stuff. As for the art style, the only person I can think of with that style is BlackThornProd, but they have a ton of tutorials on how to make art like they do. As for map ideas, I think that this is a pretty complicated question. The only thing I can really think of is just rolling with it. Purposefully make modern stuff and ancient stuff side by side. That might be kind of cool.

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