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I want to make a game.

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As does everyone on this site, I suppose. Allow me to elaborate.

You've heard of Undertale. right? That retro-graphics RPG that put a spin on the whole concept? Yea, of course you do. (I mean, if you don't, here's a Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undertale)

Then, of course, you know about the various Alternate Universes (AUs) of this game that the community has made, like Underswap or Underfell. Well, I want to make a sort of "fan-game" of Undertale. Basically Undertale, except it's an AU: Painted Plummet.

Now, I'll give you a basic summary of Painted Plummet. It's basically Undertale, but the characters are replaced with YouTube animators, like Jaiden Animations or TheOdd1sOut. Now, the Au itself belongs to [RP]=Retribution, but I have made my own take on it, called CB!Painted Plummet. Now, let me clarify, takes on AUs aren't uncommon. There's a take on Underswap called TS!Underswap (and that's admittedly the only example that comes to mind.)

Now, I'm posting this on here because I'd like for you guys to give feedback on this idea, maybe throw some concepts for game mechanics at me, whatever you feel like giving me. So go ahead!

(Oh, and if you want me to tell you the characters, lemme know.)

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Sounds like a bit of a legal minefield to be honest - using not only the original Undertale property, but also that of another fan creation.

Have you considered just doing an original game inspired by the sources instead of a fan game?

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I think what @jbadams is saying is that you should be asking a few more questions about the logistics first.

And specifically you should be asking the owners of that Intellectual Property if its okay.  You'll have to contact all of the current owners of ALL of that property you are specifically referring to, to get permission to make something using that property.  Any time you say that your intention is to make a fan game about something specific you need the permission of whoever owns that specific thing in order to do it.

It doesn't matter if you are trying to make money off it or not.  And it doesn't matter if you are replicating something that somebody else has already replicated.  Those other replicators had to get permission too.  If it is going to be accessible by the public and if it's going to in any way reference those other games officially, you need permission to do so.

If however, you were making a game of your own that just so happens to "look a bit like" Undertale, or have a bunch of mechanics that work just like mechanics in Undertale.  Well, there's nothing wrong with that. 

All art is derivative in some way. :D  You just can't say you're outright copying something, unless you actually have permission from the owners of that thing to do so.

Good luck with your idea!

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