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Frogger GameDev Challenge 2018 submission: Frogo

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8 hours ago, lawnjelly said:

I downloaded but it seemed to be the unity project files and assets! Would you be able to make an exported binary version too? :) 

Oh, jeez... did I upload the project?  so sorry... I'll change it right away. 🙃

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5 hours ago, DexterZ101 said:

Hey man! I wanna play it! I like the concept, one of my favorite fantasy series by JRR tolkien, but still no executable on your download page... it's redirection to the source project from Github T_T

I'm so sorry. I feel stupid... The name is misleading, I couldn't finish the concept due to personal problems. I will add those words in the description. I wanted the frog to colect the one ring... but the the 30th came... 

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