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Career pivot to game industry, Production Coordinator in a big studio, is it a good move?

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Hello 😃

I'm 38 years old, been a freelancer or project/program manager for the past 20 years. Hardcore gamer before, still love this industry (reading news on a daily basis, trying new games but not as much as before).

When i watch every E3 presentations, i'm like "what the hell are you waiting for, just go for it, you will have regrets of not having built such a game with a team".

Hence why i've applied to several studios for the past few years, usually in Production. For two reasons: 1) I'm not a game designer, programmer, artist... 2) I like enabling teams, some aspects of project management, and want to be better at it and grow in leadership as well.

I've got an offer in a big studio for a Production Coordinator role. I feel the level is a bit low for my age, salary as well. But at least they give me my chance (on the contrary to all the other studios i've reached), my manager is experienced and believes in me, and it would be for a triple A game.


- How do you feel about this?

- Ultimately, i would see myself being a Product Manager for a tech company, or a Game Director in a studio. So not only managing projects and teams, but also having a vision for the product/games. Do you feel being a Prod Cord would be a good move toward this career? Knowing that i feel i already have a good "product sense", but i may be lacking in terms of execution.

Thanks for your help 😃

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What the hell are you waiting for, just go for it, You can't jump in at a higher level. You need experience and this job will immerse you in the industry and you'll learn a lot.

Just noticed a duplicate thread (Pivot toward production in games. What about creativity, and switch to Product Management later on?). Locking this one. 

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