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Ideal themes for my fighting game

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11 hours ago, Anthony Serrano said:

No, there is no misunderstanding. The genre label "fighting game" typically refers specifically to that second group you mention, though often excluding realistic boxing/wrestling/MMA games.

Projectile attacks in this genre go back at least as far as the original Street Fighter in 1987, and in most games in the genre you can generally expect roughly half the cast to posses them. Characters with actual firearms go back to 1995's Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 if not earlier. Such weapons generally hit at full-screen range and fire projectiles that travel too fast to react to.

Pointing out that firearms generally do not do realistic damage in fighting games does not mean much, because neither do most other attacks in those games (nor do any of these attacks do realistic damage in most games), and anyway you didn't originally say the were unrealistic in fighting games, you said they were incompatible with them.

That's right, I remember that. Sub Zero could shoot ice? Another could spit acid maybe? And the wolf native guy had a bow of some kind.

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