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Frogger Challenge Entry - Gogger

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It's ready... ENOUGH!!!

The Menu, sound, and score were added at the very last minute.

The score is based on time, go fast to the goblin cave!! You will get a grade A, B, or C.

Wish I had time for more, but this is what I've managed!

I will be updating the github shortly with the final source. 



Edited by JWColeman
Game over screen added :D, more bug fixes D:

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Just now, JWColeman said:

It puts me at ease to hear it actually worked and you didn't have any, oh wait, your junk is broke comments.

Your game ran fine on my end. :) If you want any tips I have a few suggestions for future.

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13 minutes ago, JWColeman said:

Absolutely, fire away! I'm going to bed for now. :D

No problem.

1. Not sure if you're using events for moving instead of polling, but movement was a bit clunky.

2. If you want movement to happen left+up for example, don't use if else statements, you use if for each key input and this will allow left+up to effect movement at the same time. :)  Ignore this if you're only intending 4 way with diagonal movement.

3. Look into states, or some form of management for your menus. If you're in the game you can press (2) which would normally quit the game, but if the menu isn't active it will freeze all movement. Input dies at this point, not sure if you have a boolean set for when QUIT happens as you might be unloading resources, ect.... and input doesn't cycle.

4. If you put the sign on a draw layer above the moving island then it will appear behind it. You can also look into alpha channels to avoid the blue square surrounding the island piece.


Same applies here. :) 


5. I didn't realize it was over at the end:


I pressed ESC and found out by luck. Good idea would be to prompt the player. :) 

Only input I can think of... You did an amazing job!


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