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Direct draw create hook

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Hello folks! I created my own ddraw.dll and FakeDirectDrawCreate() func. When I tried to get IID_IDirectDrawSurface3 pointer my app don't work. What is the problem? Thanks in advance.

__declspec(dllexport) HRESULT WINAPI  FakeDirectDrawCreate(GUID FAR *lpGUID, LPVOID *lplpDD, IUnknown FAR *pUnkOuter )
	DirectDrawCreate_Type OldFn = (DirectDrawCreate_Type)ddraw.DirectDrawCreate;
	HRESULT hr = OldFn( lpGUID, lplpDD, pUnkOuter );
	*lplpDD =(LPDIRECTDRAW) new MyDirectDraw((LPDIRECTDRAW)*lplpDD);

	return hr;

//MyDirectDraw class
HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE QueryInterface(REFIID riid, void** ppvObj)
	m_device->QueryInterface(riid, ppvObj);

	if (riid==IID_IDirectDraw2)
		*ppvObj =(LPDIRECTDRAW2) new MyDirectDraw2((LPDIRECTDRAW2)*ppvObj);
	return S_OK;

//MyDirectDraw class
	IUnknown FAR *pUnkOuter)

	m_device2->CreateSurface(lpDDSurfaceDesc2, lplpDDSurface,  pUnkOuter   ); 
	*lplpDDSurface =(LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE) new MyDirectDrawSurface((LPDIRECTDRAW2)m_device2, *lplpDDSurface);


//MyDirectDrawSurface class
HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE QueryInterface ( REFIID riid, void** ppvObj)

	else if(riid==IID_IDirectDrawSurface3)
		*ppvObj =(LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE3) new MyDirectDrawSurface3((LPDIRECTDRAW2)m_device, (LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE3)*ppvObj);
class MyDirectDraw :  public IDirectDraw
class MyDirectDraw2 :  public IDirectDraw2
class MyDirectDrawSurface : public IDirectDrawSurface
class MyDirectDrawSurface3 : public IDirectDrawSurface3


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