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LILITH -- galactic migration and survival game scoring your voyage leadership skill

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A simulated open-world galaxy with a mission: help an alien family (your crew) survive the harrowing journey to planet Lilith. 

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Every Journey is New

Warp from moons to planets to distant star systems, navigating the dangers of a procedurally generated galaxy teeming with life. The galaxy's big and you never blast off exactly the same way each time. 


A Flying Home

It's not just a spaceship. It's your strategic command center. Your storage hub. Your medical station. Your lifeline. Keep her running smooth and upgrade when you can, because you can't always count on galactic police to help you fend off raiders. 


[Those tentacles are your space sails, absorbing solar energy and keeping the ship's systems humming.]

Planets Are Life

Beam down to planets and gather or grow resources needed for survival. Command your crew, build harvesting rigs, and explore an array of atmospheres and environments. Hope you know how to handle a laser pistol.


Advance Your Tech

Invest in your survival by researching the best tools, weapons, and suits possible. Better items lead to longer stays on planets and higher yields. And it doesn't hurt to have a few grenades and machine guns. 


They Were Here First

Engage civilizations for trade and business. They're aware of their simulated nature, so be cooland try not to do anything weird. The Intragalactic Government is aggressively seeking to purge "Users" like you. Other than that little detail, relax and tune in to a radio blasting government-approved music hits and delightfully peculiar ads.





I'll be posting more game play content and descriptions! Looking forward to showing y'all more about this indie puppy.

- Jun & Pate

warp and beam 7 sec.gif

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