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How to Improve The Design of Heroes of Might & Magic Style Games

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I actually have a direct connection to HoM&M, through "King's Bounty"... for the I am guessing 3 people reading this who even knows what King's Bounty was.  The first ever attempt to release a board game and computer game simultaneously was Task Force Games & New World Computing's "King's Bounty".  They didn't wind up releasing together, they released about 9 months apart.  The relationship between TFG & NWC ended, and NWC released future versions of King's Bounty as Heroes of Might & Magic.  

Since the origin of HoM&M are hobbyist game rules, you might look to similar games of the hobbyist game era, and Avalon Hill rules, for how you might enhance HoM&M in ways that would be thought of as "new and innovative" today.  "What is old is new again."  You people have spent 35 years devolving game and simulation design, not evolving it.  You go backwards... you are looking in the wrong place to "improve" HoM&M... you will only further devolve it by bringing even more of the first generation children playing in a sandbox level of simulation design knowledge of the computer game industry.


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