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Game Dev Skill Development Project

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As I like to say with a deep sadness in my soul, I've been failing at game dev for about three decades. I've been having fun, but I'm ultimately disappointed with my progress. So I've once again changed my goals and strategy and over engineered it. Which brings me to my current project.

My new goal is to get better through repetition, but using a strategy for that repetition to make my skill development more efficient. So far, I've completed some clones of the first levels of two games (Ninja Gaiden and Super Mario Bros. for the NES), and am starting out on making the first level of Bionic Commando (also for the NES). I'm redoing the graphics in half the res of the originals for now.



So far, this strategy seems to have taught me more in the few months I've been doing it, than the five years it took me to complete my last game. The difference I suppose is that I'm not going to attempt to release most of these games. I might consider polishing and releasing the ones that aren't clones. This big learning project looks like it will take me a few years, in the meantime I'll probably start other projects while still working through it but this is going to be my primary project for a long while. And something that I think I should have done in the first place so many years ago.

I'd like to share my progress from time to time and hopefully have some discussions.

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Going through a bit of that myself.  ;)  You should start a blog, you can do that here -> https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/, there's project pages and galleries as well.  There are also classic game challenges seasonally, they just finished Frogger, they will be picking the next game theme by the 15th I think.  :D  You're right in time.

Those screenshots look great, never would have considered doing half NES resolution..  That's pretty awesome.

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Thanks, I'll give the blog a look. I saw that I just missed Frogger but I'll check out the next one.

The half res came about because I figured it would save some time, I'm supposed to be focusing on only reproducing the gameplay but I find it harder to work on a game without at least some graphics.

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