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There's some really nice music here! A few thoughts or things to consider: 

1) Get a smaller or more cropped pic of yourself. When viewed on my monitor, the landing page is just a pic of you. I don't see a logo, no navigation and no links to your music. I have to scroll down to see any of that. This is a bad first impression - although it's a small thing that's quite easy to fix. 

2) Many of your titles don't tell me what to expect from your songs. Put yourself in the client looking for a possible composer. Some of your titles (i.e. Suspense theme 1) do give some context. Clients are often rushed and want to find solutions effectively and quickly. Consider adding a bit more context or grouping your demo so it's clearer to your viewers how things are grouped.

3) Consider your volumes across each track. I found some tracks to be very soft while others were louder. You want to give as polished of an experience as possible. 

4) I'd consider making a collage reel that shows highlights of many of these pieces over a 2-4 minute long piece. Show your range in styles, production and composition. A teaser track that gives a good introduction to you and your work. 

5) Almost all of your music falls within the classical realm (piano and/or orchestral). Nothing wrong with this at all! If that's your thing - it's your thing! Just know that not every client is after classical piano or orchestral music. So if you can do other styles and genres, you should feature them as well. Otherwise, you might miss out on some other jobs. 

Some really nice work! I enjoyed listening. 

Best of luck! 


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Wonderful music, and nice, clean, and simple website design. The first thing I noticed is how many tracks you have! It might be a little overwhelming to potential clients. Here are some other critiques I should point out:

   - Make the titles of your songs more professional. Use capitalization and grammar (Ex: "rehearsal") and make sure your titles fit exactly what style of song you are portraying.

   - Check the loudness of your songs. Some songs are far too quiet compared to others. Even if you have a "quiet" song, it still should be around -6 dB at least.

   - Like I said above, try and shorten your list of tracks and only include your best work. Avoid tracks that take a long time to build.


Other than those few points, I think your website is rocking. Keep up the solid work, friend!

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