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Ridiculous Games

[Rev Share] Programmer, 3D+2D Artist, Music and Sound Designer || Tower Defense

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If you’re looking to make a game that’s actually finishable and not another Open world MMORPG. Then our project might be the right one for you.

Project name: Tower FPS (working title)
Target Platform: Mobile (possibly also PC)
Game Engine: UE4

Roles required: 
     - Unreal Engine C++ and Blueprint programmer
     - 3D character artist and animator (low poly)
     - 2D concept and UI artist
     - Sound designer + music
Team size: With all roles filled 7. Currently 3 (Game designer, Environment Artist and UE4 programmer)
My skills: Game Design and Team Management 
Previous projects: Some game jams and an uncompleted long term project after a few months of work.
Project length: Around fall 2019 for a polished and final version
Compensation: Rev Share (but we all do it more out of passion)

     - fervor 
     - at least a year of experience or similar skill level
     - for the programmer some experience with mobile development
     - for the 3D artist experience with and desire to work with low poly models
Time required: Approx, 4-8 hours per week depending on the role.

But why should you join us?:
A huge amount of projects fail because their scope is too big. Because of that our goal for this project is to maintain realistic expectations and a manageable scope in order to release a fully polished game.

Game description:
What is the most boring time in Tower Defense games? The time during the rounds, in which you can do nothing but watch and wait, to find out whether your defences were good enough. But what if you could take more direct control over the gameplay in real time by steering a main tower from the first person perspective, like in a shooter? That's what you can do in our game.
The basis of the game is a typical tower defense game in a post-apocalyptic setting. Waves of twisted creatures will attempt to travel through branching pathways to attack and destroy your tower. There is a preparation time in which you can build and improve your defences and during the attack itself the player takes control of the main tower from the first person perspective (this is controlled as in classic shooters only without lateral movement.)

Special emphasis is placed on the main tower. Outside the level, this can be equipped with additional skill points and new weapons. The level system is story-based. This means that there is a map to visualize, where there are multiple paths to take between levels which will drive storytelling decisions. Outside of the main level there are small quests consisting of mini-games which play out from the ego perspective of the tower.

More information can be found in our current GDD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ibsa10uarpi7hl/Tower%20Defense%20GDD%20englisch.pdf?dl=0  (work in progress).

Contact: ridiculous.games.apply@gmail.com



Tower Defense GDD englisch.pdf

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