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Programmer looking for trade with artist(s)

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Hey, I've been working on a game that I need pixel art for. However, my art skills aren't as good as I'd like, so I thought I'd post on here asking if any pixel/concept artists would like to trade for my services as a programmer. I've been programming for over 10 years and have worked in unity for almost half a year.

Some details on the game I'm working on:
Sprite size will be somewhere between 16x16 and 24x24. Larger sprites for in battle animations would also be welcome.
There will be 6 unique factions:
The undead faction, which involves a lot of plant-based undead (think golgari from MTG and you'll have about the right idea)
The dark fae/demon faction
A mesopotamian faction with mythical beasts, humans, and siege engines
A polish/scandinavian/russian mythology based faction
An arcane faction, with lots of monsters, constructs, and casters (similar to a cross between the izzet and the simic)
A saurian faction, with lizards, dragons, and snakes

PM me if you're interested and we'll see what we can work out.

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