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Further reduce motion sickness in my game

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How can I reduce motion sickness in my 3D spaceship game even further?

I've read about it (know the causes etc.), adjusted a lot, but the game still makes me sick :( Especially when holding (W + Left), or (W + Left + Up)

Try the game here:
* Windows: original | without background
* Linux: original | without background

So far I've changed:
1) made sure the ship is always in the center --> helps with rotation, a stable point in the picture
2) made the camera more stiff --> should feel more reactive (eg. you get what you expect)
3) made max rotation speed slower --> I can't reduce this any further because maneuverability will be awful
4) made angular acceleration faster --> same as 2)
5) removing background --> this is better but still not good enough

Anything else I can try to reduce sickness, or any of 1-5 that actually makes things worse?

* reverted 2)
* reverted 4)
* 5) made background less detailed

It is better now, you can try the updated version, but still not perfect. Any suggestions?

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