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vaibhav kapoor

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Hello everyone, In 2017 I have done with my graduation, now working as a android developer but i want to do my higher education, i am very confuse that how to manage development job and education. can anyone suggest your opinion. its really helps me

Thanks in advance!!

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You manage it. Long hours don't always come with a development job, but they can. In my particular case, I'm not the best at managing time, so I may work slow one day, and the next day, double up on my hours. To some outsiders this may look like a taxing job, but it really isn't. It's just my terrible time management skills.

Because of this, I do occasionally find difficulties investing in circular activities such as higher-education as well, but, like anything else in your life, if you wanna do it, than just do it. I can almost assure you that you have the available time in a given week to complete course work for a part-time schedule. Many people simply don't want to acknowledge how much time they waste in a day, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unintentionally.

If you could, try taking an objective look back at how you spent the last week. How much of it was spent on short-term feel-good activities? I.e. TV, Games, Bars, Drinking, Parties? I'd wager most people have plenty of available time in their schedule, it just becomes a question of what you're willing to sacrifice for it.

Now, I'm not saying never do anything you enjoy doing. Or snuff your family/friend obligations.  That's a terrible way to live, and for some people, that's simply not an option. But there's always a happy, healthy medium to be found. 

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I see you're in India, so I am not entirely sure how much of this advice will apply. But typically at least in the US and several other countries, there are programs to get a graduate degree by taking evening and online classes in some combination. So you might have classes Monday and Wednesday 7-9 pm. From there, it's just about discipline and busting your ass doing all the work, because it doesn't come easy. You would likely take one or two courses each semester, which keeps the workload sane with the pressures of a full time job, and probably requires 2-3 years to complete.

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