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[WIP]-SDL2-“Garry Kitchen’s GameMaker 2”-Feedback?

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We are working on a sequel to my all time favorite application:
"Garry Kitchen's GameMaker" for the Commodore 64.
(it's a very simple game creation IDE)

Application builds and runs on Windows(R) and Linux.
(the only dependency is SDL2 and there is a makefile included to build on any Linux)

NOTE: This is a just started work-in-progress...don't expect too much :)

We will be updating this thread posting as production progresses.
Please post complaints and suggestions to this forum thread.
This is our most ambitious project to date so don't expect a beta for at least 6-12 months...



If you are unfamiliar with this superb game creation IDE then please check out the wiki below:


Garry Kitchen's GameMaker

Garry Kitchen's GameMaker is an IDE for the Commodore 64, Apple II, and IBM PCs, created by Garry Kitchen and released by Activision in 1985. The software is notable as one of the earliest all-in-one game design products aimed at the general consumer, preceded by Broderbund’s The Arcade Machine in 1982. Two add-on disks are available for the Commodore 64 version: Sports, and Science Fiction. These include sprites, music, and background elements for loading into GameMaker. To demonstrate the vers...


You can download the current entire project below on GitHub:

favicon.icoGitHub 35844132?s=400&v=4


100% FREE Cross-Platform Open-Source SDL2 Video Game Engine! - FallenAngelSoftware/SDL2-C64GKGM2


Here is a screenshot:

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Target audience?
I think the DOS style assembly part would scare away most of the non-programmers. Game makers are supposed to target people who cannot make games on their own and therefore accept certain limitations to what can be made. You can either make it more appealing to beginners using a graphical language generating the script when starting or make it powerful like Java/Basic and only handle the low-level engine and installer stuff for the intermediate programmers.

Window manager
Linux is kind of being treated like a second class system by SDL's developers, so you can have a look at Google Chrome's code for X-Lib window management which is more robust (because Google has more money and develops their own Linux distributions) even thou the code is equally scattered and hard to read.
(Preparing for the rants and downvotes...)

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