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How many people do I need to create a RP server like this?

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I wanna know how many and what kind of developer, programmers... I need to create a Roleplay server un SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer). SAMP is a mod of GTA San Andreas that allows players to play online. 


This kind of RP servers use a lot of commands such like /lock to lock a door, /seat to take a seat, /buy to buy items in a store... etc


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I would hire an experienced lead engineer, then have him create a TDD (a tech plan). The plan will tell how many people are needed. 

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It isn't that we don't want to give a number. It is impossible to know the number and types of people without all the details. 

Without knowing details, exactly what you have in mind may take a team of 50, or a team of 40, or a team of 10, or a team of 5, or 3, or 2, or even one person.

Something you think is a small detail may require work-months or even work-years to implement. If you don't have the ability to break it down, you need to hire someone who does.

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